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Strategic Review - I'll review what is working and what needs improving at your church 
Leadership Training - I work with first-time to experienced leaders to facilitate exciting workshops
Conflict Management - why and how the issues are arising OR offer classroom style training at your church
Team Building - I will facilitate a team-building exercise which will help your church meet its mission
I also offer a range of online training if you are outside the UK e.g. volunteer & staff feedback,. If you don't see what you are looking for please contact me. I'd be delighted to help!
What others say about me
'We a very grateful for the help that Madge advice prompts us to see areas of further development for our church growth and was pleasantly surprised at her commitment to do a good job'.
Elder Harchey Steadman Senior Leader - Shiloh Apostolic Faith
Her ministry has given me kingdom strategies to grow. She will help you expose the dark areas which might be hindering your church or ministry. She is a tool for the Kingdom I am a witness to the work this wonderful woman of God.
Dr Wise, Wise Choice Ministries and Christian Women Preachers United - USA
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