• Madge Obaseki

Opportunities for the Church 2021

Opportunities for the Church: Leadership ideas to get you on track for 2021

2020 was a challenge for most. There was a reactivity to the situation we all found ourselves in across the world with the Covid 19 pandemic. Many local churches have been building-centric, but the pandemic has put paid to that which I don’t think is all bad! Many churches discovered Zoom and other online platforms for the first time ever to engage in online church. An unexpected benefit was that they discovered there are more people online than in the local church! You see opportunities have presented themselves online via social media and live streaming to engage with people of no, or little faith contributing somewhat to ‘go ye therefore’ part of the great commission.

Now we are now in 2021. So what opportunities are there for us to learn from our 2020 experiences and to grow as a result? I believe that we need to get back to basics and look at our collective mission found in Matthew 28: 19-20.

  • Whether local, national, or international, the Church needs to ask itself; are we meeting our collective mission?

  • In addition, did God give your local church or your ministry a specific mission for your local context?

  • Do you know how much of it have you achieved?

To answer those questions, I believe it is time to review. That is, where you are now, and what you need to do to achieve the mission.


I suggest getting together with your core team leaders, volunteers, board or trustees or management committee if you have one. I would urge you not, forget that a wide representation of the people in your church involved is important. So, whether they are more mature or younger their views should be considered and where possible included in any strategy.

With your team you need to carry out an autopsy. An autopsy involves studying what worked, what didn't work and what opportunities present themselves. The autopsy needs to be focused with our collective mission in mind i.e., Matthew 28: 19-20.

I my mind there are two key areas to concentrate on in this first autopsy:

1. Your existing congregation. Are they being discipled to full maturity in Christ? AND are they in turn making disciples? Those are key areas which are missing elements in some local churches.

2. The spiritually curious. These are the people who caused a rise in searches on google for terms like hope, faith, God during the first phase of the pandemic. These people may have watched your YouTube channel, Facebook, or Instagram live, or even attended your zoom call... However, they have never engaged. How could you evangelise and develop this category to faith?

You need a plan as in Luke 14: 28-30!

Gathering your core leaders for a series of autopsy sessions, will help you arrive at solutions and identify opportunities for 2021.


Minister Madge Obaseki is known as the Healthy Church Growth Advocate because she addresses challenging issues impacting the Church at large. Minister Madge is an International speaker, advnaced facilitator, author and director of Grow The Church Now.

She has nearly 27 years of experience in churches, ministry and non-profit organisations. Her academic research interest is church, ministry growth and sustainability. Her mission is to help churches and ministries identify the reason they might be facing retention challenges.