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Updated: Nov 28, 2019

Evangelism is not just for a department or a few individuals. According to John Maxwell, if a leader 'knows, shows and goes the way' by physically getting out and doing it, they will inspire everyone else to do the same follow.

I met up with a friend recently. We had not seen each other for ten years! My friend shared her dread about reaching the big FIVE-O, i.e. her 50th birthday! I could not relate because firstly I passed that milestone many years ago….but also because I feel that at every life stage, we all have something great to offer. The culture I am from celebrates age. Older people are given due reverence which sadly does not happen in all societies.

My friend and I then talked about our respective career paths. I told her about my move from the corporate and business world to full-time ministry. In particular, I explained my work at www.growthechurchnow.com and how I address challenging issues impacting the Church at large. I shared my focus around church retention where I advise local churches and which I chose to research academically. I also told her about the various cultural differences I encountered in the Church world and why they might be impacting church retention. She was excited that I am walking in my calling and purpose.

My friend went on to mention something that made me sit up. She attended a local church, but did not feel a sense of community, and the experience left her empty. She mentioned a desire to belong to a local church where she could connect with a community and deepen her faith. That was my invitation to talk about the love of Christ, the plans God still has for her and that her age should be seen as a strength and opportunity. I also recommended a local assembly close to her. She left me excited.

I reflected on my beautiful afternoon with a dear friend and it occured to me that we all have opportunities to engage in simple conversations without being overly forceful in the way we evangelise. The Bible-bashing, fire and brimstone technique is rarely effective and might put some off from further engagement. The conversation which took place with my friend was a form of evangelism although admittedly she was not new to the faith. However, given her experiences, there may have been a likelihood of her dropping out of the Church altogether.

I would encourage all Christian believers to be intentional in our day to day encounters with people to engage in practical and straightforward conversations. Evangelism must be a culture in our local churches. Evangelism is not just for a department or a few individuals 'going-ye'. According to John Maxwell, if a leader 'knows, shows and goes the way' by physically getting out and doing the work, they will inspire everyone following them to do likewise. Remember that Matthew 28:20 tells us to 'Go-ye' that applies to all believers.

Minister Madge Obaseki

Healthy Church Growth Advocate


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