The Healthy Church Growth Show Podcast

The Healthy Church Growth Show Podcast

Minister Madge Obaseki is a Church Consultant. She focuses on churches who are experiencing retention challenges in their congregations or amongst staff and volunteers.

She offers practical solutions including reviews of where you are and where you want to be, organisational development, ongoing support and expert training.

She is the host of the Healthy Church Growth Show podcast with new episodes every Monday. She shares practical insights for healthier church growth, around her specialist knowledge, and there are special guests too.

Relationships & Marriage in the Church

ABOUT THIS EPISODE Elders Connell and Rhonda Hollins will discuss Christian marriage and relationship counselling which is rarely addressed in adequate ways in many assemblies. They are based in Chicago and run Me to We [...]

25 Sep • 40 mins

Church Staff & Volunteer PERFORMANCE REVIEW Part 2 ep. 56

FULL TRANSCRIPT Welcome to the healthy church growth show podcast ep. 56. This is the last in this present series of the podcast until the beginning of August. You will hear interviews I recorded earlier [...]

21 Jun • 6 mins

Engaging Church Staff & Volunteer PERFORMANCE REVIEWS ep. 55

FULL TRANSCRIPT As a natural progression to developing relationships, today I’m covering staff & volunteer development, specifically their progression in the role they are carrying out. As usual this series are practical. I suggest you [...]

14 Jun • 9 mins

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