Frequently Asked Questions

I have three decades of experience serving in various leadership positions.

Because of my professional Human Resource Management and strategic administration and reviews, organisational development corporate and business career,  I’ve been at the forefront of change management, people development and ongoing support including coaching and mentoring.

I’ve worked with church assemblies large and small in the UK and the USA.

My mission is based on Ephesians 4:12—‘To equip his people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up’ (NIV).

Therefore, my reason and purpose are to equip leaders at any level to effectively work towards and achieve their God given goals.

My values are:

  • Reliability – I do what I commit to do for every commission I accept.
  • Honesty – I am candid in as far as identifying the issues which may be holding back your assembly from growing or developing
  • Clear Communication – I communicate in a way that clients can relate to without the use of theological language or academic terms.
  • Empathetic – I try to put myself in the place of the leader or teams I work with, i.e. I see things from their point of view.

Yes. We are the Body of Christ, with the same mission, therefore denomination does not come into the way we work with you.

Having said that, during our initial one-hour consultation, we will discuss your traditions to gain a better understanding of the situation.

Costs are clearly laid down in our Services and Prices sheet, which you can download here.

As a Church consultant, I will help you develop a solid foundation and understanding of what works well and what needs development or improvement. This will empower you and your team to implement the changes/improvements you want to achieve or have identified.

We start by looking at your assembly’s reason and purpose, how you are organised, who is involved etc. We’ll then discuss what it is you believe challenges and how we’ll support you in addressing the issues.

You can start by booking a complimentary exploratory call to find out how I might be able to help your assembly.

As James 2: 18 says—‘But someone will say, You have faith; I have deeds. Show me your faith without deeds, and I will show you my faith by my deeds.’ (NIV).

In other words, I can provide insight, assessment, tools and strategies; however, your assembly will need to work intentionally to achieve your goals.

Without putting in the work, the desired results may not be achieved.

If you decide to consult with our services, our purpose is clear. It is to identify the issues which might be holding your assembly back from achieving the mission.

We can advise and support, but its up to you and your team to carry out the recommendations and strategy.

If there are areas identified which you don’t agree with, the choice is yours.

Yes. We will only discuss our findings with you and/or your designated staff/volunteers.

Yes! We offer online streamed church service assessment. We can also arrange an in-person secret customer assessment depending on region and availability.

You can book an online streamed service assessment here.