I have a solid track record of over 25 years delivering high-quality learning and development solutions for business & non-profit organisations. I provide training delivery, design, facilitation and evaluation.

I will deliver training solution workshops for your company, including:

§  Soft Skills Training

§  Leadership Development Training

§  Conflict Management

§  Awayday Facilitation

§  Team Building



Madge Obaseki is one of the leading forces in training and development for corporations and smaller start-ups alike. She is a fountain of knowledge on best practice within employee development and has pioneered many projects that have worked across industry barriers. She is fast-paced, methodical, strategic and innovative in her approach and maintains the highest of integrity and work ethics. Definitely the kind of person any corporation, church or charity would want leading their team(s)'. Jacqueline Malcolm: Director - Creative Platform Academy 



#1 Retention Problems
After carrying out a strategic review, I identified key issues impacting retention of this membership organisation. The key issues were governance and leadership. I was instructed to facilitate a staff-awayday to present the findings of my report and to help find solutions for 6 different branches of the organisation.  

#2 Challenges & Solutions (USA)
As a keynote speaker and facilitator for a senior leadership workshop, I address their staff retention problems. I was subsequently asked to design an online version of the workshop for future attendees.