Leader's Self-Assessment from the five-star reviewed How to be a GREAT Christian Leader.

This extract provides leaders with a way of self-assessing their leadership strategy and style. It encourages readers to consider the impact on their congregations, staff and stakeholders.  

As John Maxwell says 'Things rise (or fall) on leadership'. Thus, it stands to reason that if the leadership style is out of sync with the organisation's mission, objectives and core values, things will fall apart. 

The workbook provides you with an easy to use self-reflection tool to identify issues which might arise as a ministry or church leader. Best of all, it only takes a maximum of 20mins to complete and can be used again and again as things change! 

HERE IS WHAT LEADERS ARE SAYING ABOUT How to be a GREAT Christian Leader - Special Leader's Self-Assessment

'This was an eyeopener. I discovered things I can work on in my leadership journey'. Dr Shana Wise

'This resource is a revelation, and I recommend every leader do this process to check their leadership.' Pastor Cynthia Jamiedson

'I pray that the church worldwide grows stronger and is more understanding of its responsibilities internally as well as fulfilling its biblical mandate through the excellent work that you've done'. growthechurchnow..com subscriber

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How to be a GREAT Church Usher


Why this workbook was written

Having served in many church departments as a leader, including ushering Madge decided to write this training resource for ushers because. she noticed the scarcity of training ushers received.

First impressions count and the local church is no exception to that rule. Poor first impressions can, and have literally chased away the very people the local assembly was trying to encourage through its doors!

Training and developing all labourers in the vineyard is essential for the effective and efficient running of the church. Ushers should be no exception to this rule. 


How to be a GREAT Church Usher, is designed as a 4-week course which can be run by Church Ministers, Head of Ushers, Training Officer or anyone who has experience in leading groups.


It’s underpinned by biblical principles including a piece on conflict and what the expectations are for an usher’s character.

The format contains ready-made Teaching Plans, Objectives and Guidelines, and an Evaluation Form.