Are you having problems with volunteer or staff commitment?

Do you know how to engage your online visitors to disciples?

Are you having retention problems with your congregation?

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Hi, I'm Minister Madge Obaseki!

I’m a church consultant, an author, and a professional trainer/facilitator. I’m also a speaker and the host of the Healthy Church Growth Show podcast.

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Do you need to know...

...why your church/mission is not growing or achieving its goals, objectives, and/or mission?

...why your volunteers/staff might be uncommitted?

...what people think about your worship services?

I can help you answer these questions.

I have over three decades of experience working as and for leaders. The services I offer are affordable to support your God-given goals, and mission.

You can rely on me to consider the strategies led by the Holy Spirit. I’ll also be candid, i.e. you’ll hear what you need to know even when these facts are sometimes difficult to hear or address. Rest assured though I can support you and your team every step of the way!

I offer packaged and tailored services for churches and ministries both in the UK and further afield.


Breaking new ground

From experience I know many become discouraged when they don’t witness progress in a given amount of time. This piece will hopefully (and prayerfully) put your frustrations into perspective and

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The Healthy Church Growth Show

A podcast by Minister Madge Obaseki

Join Madge every Monday as she shares practical insights for healthier church growth, around her specialist knowledge, and there are special guests too.

The Healthy Church Growth Show Podcast